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In the beginning….

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust began life alongside Herefordshire back in 1962. After much good work between the two, it was time to go it alone and Radnorshire became its own Wildlife Trust in 1987.

and then…

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust (RWT) bought Gilfach Nature Reserve in 1988. Of course, it wasn’t quite as simple as that, nothing ever is. However, Radnorshire Wildlife Trust went on to renovate and restore the dilapidated Welsh Long house and the 411 acre reserve is now a Special Site of Scientific Interest, a Special Protection Area and part of the River Marteg is within a Special Area for Conservation.

From 1997 – 1999 a two year Biological Evaluation Project funded by Heritage Lottery Funding, was conducted over all the reserves owned and managed by RWT. This resulted in a tremendous amount of conservation work being carried out over the next five years.

and now…

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust is continuing to acquire new nature reserves with money left by legacies. Under the title “Living Landscapes” we are trying to join up all sorts of land managed for wildlife to create even bigger areas for wildlife to flourish.