Every Child Wild

Children are happier, healthier and more creative when they are connected to the natural world.

Growing up with nature is a right not a luxury.  Every child should be able to explore and experience play outdoors.  We want to see Every Child Wild.

Here at Radnorshire Wildlife Trust we live in an area surrounded with natural beauty and we hope Radnorshire children are outdoors exploring as much as we think they are.  Farm kids and rural living lends itself well to this and most of our towns and villages in Radnorshire have parks and access to country walks as well as nature reserves.

This enthusiatic mum from mid-Wales has put together a helpful guide to places where you can wander with your toddler, two of which are on Radnorshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves - Gilfach and Bailey Einon.  Click here to see her excellent Which Wander? guides.

What you can do

The orange Every Child Wild link will take you to The Wildlife Trust's main page for Every Child Wild where you can get more information on family friendly nature reserves, downloadable practical guides and a place where you can share your adventures with us.