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Campaigning for Wildlife

A Greener UKA Greener UK

We have a long history of campaigning for positive change for nature and wildlife by working with people and other organisations to achieve this.

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust is part of The Wildlife Trusts.  Each part of the UK has a local wildlife trust that is working hard for nature's recovery both on land and at sea.  To read more about how this all works please click here.

General Election 2017

Here at Radnorhire Wildlife Trust we have asked all the prospective parliamentary candidates for the Brecon & Radnorshire constituency the following four questions.  We have asked that they be kind enough to respond by June 6th and in less than 200 words, so as we can (with their permission) publish their responses here.

Liberal Democrat candidate James Gibson-Watt has responded. His answers are published below next to his intials JG-W.

1. What will you do to ensure our wildlife laws remain strong and that steps are taken to restore the damage that has been done to nature?

JB-W:  Fight for Britain to remain in the Single Market, I believe this offers the best protection to keep British Governments tied into protective environmental legislation.  We saw this a few years ago when Conservative Minister Elizabeth Truss tried to reverse the EU's ban on bee-harming neonicotinoids.  In addition the Lib Dem Manifesto commits us to: 'Suspending the use of neonicotinoids until proven that their use in agriculture does not harm bees or other pollinators.' 'Passing a Nature Act to put the Natural Capital Committee (NCC) on a statutory footing, set legally binding natural capital targets, including on biodiversity, clean air and water, and empower the NCC to recommend actions to meet these targets.

2. What will you do to ensure that wildlife thrives on the upland commons of Radnorshire once more?

JB-W:  I would encourage the extensification.  I would also encourage closer working partnerships between farmers and environmental schemes / environmental bodies.  This can work very well as in the case of Ireland Moore above Painscastle which is a SSSI.  I know that mixed grazing is encouraged there and farmers are encouraged not to overgraze through the use of the Glastir Commons scheme which limits stocking density.

3. What will you do to ensure we have new farming policies in Wales to provide for nature’s recovery?

JB-W:  There is a general move in farming away from subsidising production towards schemes for public good and agri-environmental schemes.  I think that this is the way forward and will be crucial post-Brexit.  In addition, we do need to keep farmers in our upland areas to continue the long-term management of these environments.  To do that farmers need a market to sell their produce and for their businesses to be profitable which again is why I see retaining tariff-free access to the Single Market as crucial.

4. What will you do to ensure intensive livestock units in the county achieve the highest possible environmental standards?

JB-W:  I would do everything I can to ensure planning applications are properly scrutinised and the scientific evidence that they are based on is robust and up-to-date.  These issues need to be addressed at planning application level and then there needs to be regular monitoring of these units once established to ensure that they are meeting environmental standards.

M4 Campaign

Gwent Wildlife Trust have been working hard to stop the new M4 scheme proposals plouging up the Gwent Levels, a landscape nationally important for both its biodiversity and history, and cost at least £1.4 billion to build.

Learn more about the damaging proposals and how to JOIN THE CAMPAIGN

The Public Inquiry for the scheme starts on 28th February where Gwent Wildlife Trust will be standing up for the wildlife and people of the precious Gwent Levels.

Greener UK

In response to the UK leaving the EU, thirteen environmental organisations with a combined membership of 7.9 million people, have come together to launch a Greener UK.


  • Greener UK calls on the Prime Minister to restore and enhance the UK's environment and maintain its protections during Brexit negotiations.
  • 145 MPs have signed the Greener UK Pledge for the Environment committing to make the UK a world leader on the environment.

In the Pledge

The MPs state their belief that the UK government, working with the governments in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, must build a healthy and prosperous future by

  • matching or exceeding current environmental, wildlife and habitat protections;
  • ensuring the UK leads on climate action and
  • creating a countrysider richer in nature by supporting farmers and landowners to deliver environmental benefits alongside a thriving farming sector.

To find out more about the thirteen organisations who make up Greener UK and to read much more about what they want and how they intend achieving it, please click here.