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Living Seas

What are Living Seas?

Living Seas are The Wildlife Trusts' vision for the future of the seas around Wales and the UK.

In Radnorshire...

Our link to the sea is via our rivers.  At Gilfach Nature Reserve we witness the return of the salmon every Autumn.  When the River Marteg is swollen, the salmon use all their power to leap up the waterfalls, before swimming upstream to calmer waters to lay their eggs.

In Wales...

All 6 Wildlife Trusts are represented by Wildlife Trust Wales based in Cardiff.  They have a Marine and Landscape Advocacy Officer who leads the work on restoring our seas based on the following:

  • Marine Protected Areas & Wildlife - making sure that wildlife is properly protected from the coast to the deep blue sea.
  • Fishing & Seafood - working to change the Welsh fishing indusry for the better.
  • Marine Planning & Sustainable Development - making sure the marine industry avoids damage and makes a positive contribution to the welfare of the sea.
  • Legislation & Policy - continually pushing for improvements to the laws and policies that set out how the sea is managed.
  • Celebrating Our Sea - working to share our passion for the sea by inspiring young and old alike to help us achieve a better future for the sea.

The vision is to have a healthy sea now and in the future for wildlife and people.


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