Cwm Marteg Project

Project Profile: Bringing wetlands back to life

A 3 year project running from 2010 - 2013, based in the Marteg Valley just north of Rhayader, where our Gilfach and Cefn Cenarth nature reserves are situated. Project Officer, Darylle Hardy, worked with local communities to find out more about wildlife in the valley and enhance and connect wildlife habitats.

Key aims:

  • Slimy and fishy: To work with the community to find out more about the less 'charismatic' species of the catchment - bullheads, lamprey, eels, mosses and lichens
  • Furry flagships: To monitor water vole presence in the catchment and encourage the control of American mink
  • Tickling trout: To work with landowners to promote environmentally-positive land management and functioning wetland ecosystems
  • Wildlife schools: Workshops to enable all sorts of people in the Marteg Valley to understand more about their local wildlife and the environment

Key Species

We identified the following:

  • At least 143 different moss and 413 different lichen species
  • Lampreys
  • Bullheads
  • Eels
  • Water voles


The Cwm Marteg Project Officer was supported by:

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the Countryside Council for Wales and the Oakdale Trust.

Other habitat and species work was supported by Environment Agency Wales and Forestry Commission Wales.

Other Community Wildlife work was supported by Environment Wales, Powys Environmental Partnership and St Harmon Comm. Co. Bryn Titli Fund.