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The main part of our 'Exploring Gilfach' project has finished though Project Manager Darylle Hardy will be in post tidying up loose ends until March 2019. We hope you have enjoyed the activities we put on and improvements that we have made during the project. Look out for useful information and guides to download at the bottom of this webpage.

About Gilfach

Gilfach nature reserve is an old upland farm, set in a scenic landscape rich in wildlife and history, near Rhayader in Mid-Wales. Our project has been providing new interpretation, better access and new opportunities for learning so that a wider range of people are encouraged to explore the nature reserve.

A variety of information is available to download  from the foot of this webpage including a printable trail map and information on facilities for people with limited mobility.

Visit the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust You Tube channel to see the new Gilfach film with Iolo Williams, part of the new interpretation for the nature reserve. You will also find several films made during the project including people talking about living and working on the nature reserve.

Visit our new Gilfach visitor information page here.

Exploring Gilfach - the project

The Exploring Gilfach project began back in September 2016 and the activity programme ran until October 2018. Since then we have been writing reports and finishing capital works.

Existing staff member Darylle Hardy managed the project until March 2019 and is now taking a sabatical until June. Project Officer Barbara Brown was employed until October 2018 to run activities, training and events as well as supporting volunteering at Gilfach. The Assistant Project Officer during 2018 was Silvia Cojocaru: her post has finished but we have now employed her to work part time as the Black Grouse Recovery Project Officer and part-time at Gilfach from April to October 2019.

Activities for a wide range people

During the Exploring Gilfach project, an amazing 184 activities took place for a wide range of people, and we worked with 57 different groups or organisations. There were 4369 attendances at activities, and an incredible 774 people discovered Gilfach for the first time. People have joined in family activities, attended talks, walks and training days, and visited exhibitions about Gilfach. Over 100 people volunteered for the project, undertaking practical work, learning new skills and enjoying themselves. Wildlife survey work was boosted too thanks to the additional staff and volunteering, with over 60 new species recorded on the nature reserve.

Improvements for visitors 

With the help of contractors, staff and volunteers, we have installed new interpretation and information about Gilfach right across the reserve, giving snippets about both its natural and cultural heritage. Wildlife presenter Iolo Williams narrates a new welcome film that can be seen in the byre and at the Welcome Gateway on your smartphone.  A new shelter called the 'Caban' has been built  at the entrance to the reserve providing shelter and information and hosting a scultpure by Glenn Morris of a lichen species that occurs on a rock nearby. 

We have created the popular but strenuous Wyloer Hill Walk, improved stretches of footpath and installed new gates and boardwalks, designed a new map and improved waymarking along all the routes.

We have also made all sorts of less visible improvements to make the facilities more sustainable, like new LED lighting, rainwater storage, dual flush toilets and push taps. We have made improvements to our archive and resources too, by digitising old photos, making postcards and leaflets, creating herbariams and information files. 

Events in 2019

Programmed events have finished for the project but if you would like to come to Gilfach with a group in 2019, please ring the office to discuss opportunities.


There are still opportunities for volunteering for RWT at Gilfach. The Gilfach Rangers group meets fortnightly on Fridays at Gilfach, doing a variety of activities including light practical work, species monitoring and welcoming visitors. If you would like to join, please contact Suzie or Silvia at the office (01597 823298) for more information.

Do you like chatting about wildlife?

We are always looking for volunteers who enjoy chatting to visitors about Gilfach and its wildlife - this sort of personal contact often makes their visit particularly memorable. You can volunteer like this just occasionally or at any time of the week, and you could also serve refreshments too if you would like to. Chat to visitors in the farmyard, at the caban or just while you walk around the reserve.

Please get in touch with Suzie or Silvia if you are interested in helping out in this way at Gilfach. Telephone the office on 01597 823298.



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Exploring Gilfach Evaluation Report-March 2019.pdf13.6 MB
Exploring Gilfach Evaluation Summary.pdf7.02 MB
Darganfod gilfach crynodeb gweithredol.pdf7.02 MB
Gilfach Heritage Assessment Final Report2.6 MB
Welsh clearwing field guide 2017 by Phil Evans, Assistant Project Officer4.72 MB
Welsh clearwing report 2017 by Phil Evans, Assistant Project Officer4.78 MB
Gilfach bilingual trail map for printing, A4 on 2 sides for larger writing2.49 MB
Gilfach bilingual trail map for printing, A4 on 1 side_A4.jpg1.85 MB
Lichen trail near the Welcome Gateway to download, by Barbara Brown1020.35 KB
Kids sculpture trail near the Welcome Gateway to download1.38 MB
Gilfach - Access for People with Limited Mobility pdf522.32 KB
Gilfach site risk assessment227.48 KB
Gilfach butterflies poster by Silvia Cojocaru, Assistant Project Officer pdf4.19 MB
Gilfach gloynnod_byw by Silvia Cojocaru, Assistant Project Officer 4.2 MB
Burial mound area lichen trail by Barbara Brown, Project Officer476.99 KB