Gilfach Arts Project

Project Profile: Gilfach Landmark Art Project

This Project began in 2012 with the aim of producing a landmark which would evoke a sense of place and blend into the landscape. We also wanted to enhance the entrance to Gilfach Reserve to make it a more positive experience for visitors.

The iconic Salmon stone at the entrance to Gilfach Reserve

The Trust is delighted with how well the sculpted stones are bedding in and fast becoming blended within the scenery. Lichen have started to grow on the stones and Waxcap fungi have been seen springing up around them. Sheep sometimes hunker down against the salmon stone and a common lizard has been seen basking on it – nature is taking over!

Come and see the sculptures for yourself and spend time in the beautiful, tranquil surroundings that are Gilfach.

Gilfach Nature Reserve Celebrates 25 Years with the unveiling of Gilfach Landmark Arts Project Sculptures

The Gilfach Landmark Arts Project ended with a flourish on Sunday 8th September 2013, as members of the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust gathered to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the acquisition of Gilfach and the completion of the stone sculptures which form the lasting legacy of the Gilfach Arts Project.

Julian Gibson-Watt unties the rope across the new archway to Gilfach ReservePresident, Julian Gibson-Watt opened the new car-parking & picnic area, and unveiled the two large stones that were sculpted by artist, Richard Renshaw: the iconic salmon stone and second stone with water rill which sits inside a ring of smaller stones depicting: a lizard; a bloody-nosed beetle; a fern; a leaf; and a heron's head with fish.

An exhibition of arts & craft inspired by Gilfach was staged in the Byre. Further exhibits, including the history of Gilfach, were on show in the Visitor Centre. RWT Chairman, Bill Stow, thanked those involved in the Gilfach Arts Project, including: GLASU, Powys County Council, New Territories (artists involved in Phase 1 of the project), Richard Renshaw (sculptor of the Gilfach stones), RWT staff members Darylle Hardy and Suzie Fraser, and volunteer steering group members: Bronwen Jenkins, Pam Knight and Geraldine King. These and many others contributed to the success of the Gilfach Arts Project.

Phase 2

Richard Renshaw carving the Salmon Stone at Gilfach Reserve

In June 2013 two large stones were installed at Gilfach Nature Reserve. The sculptor worked on these over the summer and visitors to the Nature Reserve were able to check on progress. Five smaller blocks which are placed around the stone near the car park were carved off site before being put in place..

Phase 1

A different way of seeing - Phase 1 WorkshopPhase 1 Exhibition of Ideas, Drawings, and Craft


This successful consultative phase of the Project involved Artists Lynette Margerison & John Whitehead, (NewTerritories), running interactive workshops for staff of RWT, RWT volunteers and the general public. 

Phase 1 culminated in an Exhibition of work at Gilfach Nature Reserve which was held over the weekend of 8/9th September 2012.


This Project was funded by GLASU and Powys County Council.