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Recording Wildlife

Recording wildlife is a crucial step in protecting species and habitats.

Why Record Wildlife?

Wildlife records are used locally to inform planning applications and can play a vital role in highlighting the biological history of a site.

When a site is proposed for development, wildlife records are used both by ecological consultancies and the local planning authority.


Radnorshire County Recorders

You can submit your records to as many different people and groups as you wish but here is the current list of all the Radnorshire Vice-County Recorders (VC43):

Amphibian & Reptiles   Hannah Shaw

Bees, Wasps & Ants   Janice Vincett

Birds   Pete Jennings

Butterflies   Chris Ledbury

Dragonflies   Bob Dennison

Fungi & Lichen   Ray Woods

Invertebrates (excluding butterflies, moths & dragonflies)   Phil Ward

Mammals   Sorcha Lewis

Moths   Pete & Ginny Clarke

Plants   Liz Dean & Sue Spencer

The Birdwatchers' Code

Following the birdwatchers' code is good practice, common sense and should enable us all to enjoy seeing birds.  Click here to read more about how to safely observe birds without disturbing them.


The Local Environmental Record Centre is the Biodiversity Information Service for Powys and Brecon Beacons National Park (BIS).

BIS collate all the wildlife records provided by the county recorders and provide data for planning applications and Welsh Government requirements. You can submit your own wildlife records directly to their database and also view maps of various wildlife species recorded in Powys.  SUBMIT A RECORD

Other Useful Numbers

Kites   Tony Cross

Regional BTO Rep   Carlton Parry

Hedgehogs   British Hedgehog Preservation Society   01584 890801

Bats   National Bat Helpline   0345 1300 228

NRW  Natural Resources Wales - Report an environmental incident   0300 065 3000

What have I seen?


Try the following for identification help:


Butterfly Conservation

Amphibians & Reptile Conservation

Grid Reference Help

Grid references are the best way to submit a record. 


Here are some useful sites / tools to help you with this:

UK Grid Reference Finder

Grab a Grid Reference

Wildlife Consultancy

    Radnorshire Wildlife Services

                 01597 825722


          •  Planning advice

          •  Habitat surveys

          •  Ecological assessments

          •  GIS mapping

          •  Wildlife Surveys